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Collaborative, freethinking and passionate, our team of trailblazing writers, directors, producers and editors create new media for Diagonal View’s owned digital channels and produce custom content for brand partners.

Covering football, music and fact-based entertainment, we produce more than 30 highly engaging premium videos per week. Our creators are committed to combining production industry quality with innovative online viewing platforms.

Football Daily

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The Beautiful Game never stops on Football Daily as we bring you the latest news, gossip and off-pitch drama.

The Football Daily crew, 5 lads from Blighty, follow all the twists and turns, leaving no stone unturned and no opinion unquestioned. Up for a laugh, they’re not afraid to challenge each other's thoughts, bringing their own style of witty and competitive banter to the many footballing topics covered by the channel.

With 10M + views per month, over 1M subscribers and multiple formats, Football Daily is currently the most popular independent football channel on YouTube. And it’s clear the enthusiasm has rubbed off on the viewers. The channel has a vibrant community of young fans who love filling the comments section with their own views and opinions. Each video spawns a network of discussions, fuelling the conversation and keeping the game from ever ending!


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For the intellectually curious.

If you're fascinated by the world and (not necessarily, but quite probably) 18-24, male and live in the US, then chances are you're watching All Time 10s.

Our AllTime10s channel is dedicated to unearthing 10 jaw-dropping facts on any subject in the world. With 6+ million views a week, 2.9+ million subs and incredible audience engagement: we own facts. Alltime10s hugely successful format has now been syndicated in five languages.

Covering everything from quantum physics to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air; military history to unexplained phenomena, Alltime10s has grown into one of YouTube's highest ranked channels. Stars like Simon Pegg, Jamie Oliver and Megan Fox have all helped make the 2.8 million subscribers that make up the "10's Army" one of the most vocal online communities out there.

All Time Conspiracies

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A good conspiracy + the internet = stellar engagement

Sister channel to AllTime10s. But with high impact visuals, dynamic voice-overs and engaging in-depth investigations All Time Conspiracies is no poor relation. From Kennedy to Cobain, Roswell to Enron All Time Conspiracies gets its hands dirty with the biggest cover-ups in history. Having smashed through 100k subscribers in its first week, All Time Conspiracies has fast become THE destination for authoritative, thought provoking and well-produced online conspiracy content.

We build audiences

We manage client content to turn audiences into life long brand advocates.

Whether looking to drive click-through sales, increase profit, grow subscriptions or develop brand engagement, we deliver bespoke media management based on data-driven insights to turn your content into a strategic asset through online promotion, scaled distribution and brand-specific audience targeting on some of YouTube's biggest channels.

Experts in channel design, SEO optimization, metadata and cross-promotional tactics Diagonal View's holistic approach to content strategy and brand awareness maximizes traffic, boosts brand discovery and develops audience.

We are proud to act as online brand guardians for some of the world's most recognized companies and events, including Sony Music, Viacom and the Olympics.

Sony Music

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What do One Direction, Sade and The Clash all have in common?

Our partnership with Sony Music has taken their online presence to the top of the charts. By optimizing existing online assets we have revolutionised Sony Music's SEO ranking, driving ancillary revenue to exceed YouTube CPMs. No mean feat, we have also succeeded in building earned media for artists/IP from day-one—including projects for London Calling and Sade.

With some of the most exciting voices in the industry on the Sony books Diagonal View has crafted new media to develop artist fan communities online. Content like "My Life in Music" for Danny from the Script has seen real-world results with increased audiences and sales.

Olly Murs and Sony UK are all Diagonal View run Sony YouTube channels.

Comedy Central

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In 2014 Diagonal View began working with Comedy Central to overhaul their YouTube channel and optimize traffic to a newly re-launched website,

By combining site-specific new content with socialised Comedy Central show clips and priceless back-list content, our strategy aimed to boost both audience engagement and click-through rate. Improved SEO approach and social tactics delivered valuable market results, with over 101,000 people driven to the Comedy Central website and a 1,258% subscription increase.

Diagonal View also led the YouTube celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Friends. Innovative multi-platform event viewing saw the channel hit it's highest ever views in a day and migrate nearly 24,000 viewers to the

We tell your story

Turn your message into media with mega-bite.

We connect your brand with actively engaged audiences through custom content and ongoing digital presence management. Whether migrating audiences, increasing sales or driving brand engagement, we apply a joined-up, hyper-targeted approach to your brand goals that upgrades, re-imagines and socializes existing media, integrates new original content and transforms your brand into a content destination.

Diagonal View provides a top-to-tail service for clients from initial brainstorm to online buzz. We pride ourselves on close client relationships that ensure your message is delivered in the right context with the right content. Our network reach across highly successful digital channels ensures an optimized online platform for your brand.

Diagonal View has delivered landmark event-viewing campaigns for Net-a-Porter, Marks & Spencer, Samsung and many more.

Top Eleven

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The hosts of the Football Daily think they know more than most about the beautiful game - so imagine their surprise when during a studio show, the cleaner kept piping up with specialist knowledge and facts that trumped their own.

She was, in fact, wearing an earpiece and being fed lines by none other than super manager Jose Mourinho. When Jose walked onto set and revealed himself to the Football Daily team, he achieved something many thought impossible - he left our motor mouthed hosts speechless!

The set up was an elaborate stunt played by Top XI to promote their newest app. News that our team had been pranked by Jose travelled fast - 3.7mm views on YouTube and well over 20k likes within a fortnight. As viewer Luis C said "Jose destroyed them"

Bacardi Fuego

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When Bacardi wanted to promote their new drink, the fiendishly hot Carta Fuego, we paired up top freestylers, the F2, with Arsenal legend Ian Wright for a series of 'hot shot' trick shots. The day's action culminated in the guys drinking shots of the fiery Carta Fuego in super slow motion.

The video was hosted on our own Football Daily channel, and Wrighty's easy charm and the F2's killer skills went down a storm with our legion of fans.

The result? 1.5 mm views on YouTube and 5+mm views on facebook, 11k likes and a ratio of likes to dislikes of well over 100 to 1.


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We were tasked with creating an unforgettable send off for Net-a-Porter CEO Mark Sebba with maximum online exposure. Our team of creatives didn't hold back, devising a Diagonal View day at work that would live in the memory.

Here's what Net-a-Porter founder, Natalie Massanet had to say:

"When our team was looking to give [former CEO] Mark Sebba a send off he wouldn't forget, we knew that Diagonal View would be the right partners to deliver the results we needed. Complete with a full choir, samba dancers, acrobats and a mariachi band, the video not only showed Mark how much he means to us, but also to the millions who watched it around the world on digital platforms and across the traditional media"

The audacious video brought the global brand together; with Net-a-Porter employees rocking all over the world to Aloe Blacc's The Man. Spectacular online impact based on socialized reaction proved to a global online audience that Mark Sebba was the king of bosses and generated stellar brand engagement for Net-a-Porter.