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Diagonal View is an online video production company based in London. Founded in March 2008 by entrepreneur Matt Heiman and TV producer Steve Carey, Diagonal View makes short-form video channels that run on platforms such as YouTube, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and Facebook.

Covering music, sports, celebrity news, fashion, pets, and even top 10 lists, Diagonal View's videos have been watched over 2 billion times worldwide. In the US, 10% of the population watches Diagonal View's content monthly.

With access to a catalogue of over 2 million hours of video, Diagonal View also works with numerous partners such as Reuters, ITN, ANI, Getty Images, WENN, Audio Network and Pump Audio, as well as producing content in-house. In total, the company produces over 30 videos in-house per week.

In addition, Diagonal View manages a range of 3rd party content channels on YouTube (11 funded channels in total), providing social marketing expertise to build audience, increase engagement time and drive overall subscriber growth.

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October 2014 -
Ed Sheeran's X named highest selling album of 2014 so far

Congrats to our client Warner Music as well as Ed on their 2014 success. Diagonal View
manages Ed Sheeran's YouTube channel and also produced the social video for
this year's hit single: Sing.

Click here to watch.

August 2014 -

Congratulations to Mark Sebba on 11 years at the helm on Net-a-Porter. We were proud to create this video that celebrates his achievements.

June 2014 -
DV helps launch Ed Sheerhan’s ‘Sing’ on YouTube

When 25 YouTube stars and their 4.5MM subscribers came together to celebrate Ed’s latest single it was quite the party.
Tens of thousands of live-streams and millions of views of the single later, Ed’s latest albumn goes from success to success.

For further statistics and/or to work with Diagonal View to help launch a world-class media property, contact:


May 2014 -
Diagonal View & Mediakraft
Expand Co-operation

AllTime10s Starts in 3 Additional Languages

Cologne, London, 5.5.2014 – The first YouTube format to be available in five languages, “AllTime10s” now rolls out to Dutch, Polish and Russian-speaking audiences. With more than two million subscribers worldwide on the English channel and over 750.000 subscribers on the German version, Diagonal View as the original creator of the popular hitlists infotainment format, and Mediakraft Networks collaborate yet again to syndicate the successful format to international audiences.

AllTime10s” for the English-speaking world and “TopZehn” for German speakers have been remarkably successful formats. Sometimes bizarre but always informative, audiences of all languages have proven to identify with the style and wit of entertaining and informative hitlists. As a logical next step, Mediakraft Networks are launching the format to audiences of Dutch, Polish and Russian language this week. 

Mediakraft and Diagonal View are going to boost the growing online video communities in the respective regions with high-quality content, says Christoph Poropatits, Executive Vice President of Mediakraft Networks: “We have seen a continuous demand for online videos that both entertain and inform. AllTime10s, a great format created by Diagonal View, appeals to viewers regardless of age or origin. By expanding the franchise we will make this great content available to even more audiences in their local language.

”Combining the English and German versions of AllTime10s, 45 million monthly views prove the success of this international format, says Matt Heiman, CEO of Diagonal View: “There are few examples of online video channels that have been successful in multiple languages. Us having one of those successful channels is solely attributed to our communities that support our project fantastically. We are excited to see the format entering new regions and communities now. Mediakraft has great experience in working with local creators and we are confident that they can make AllTime10s a leading format in the new countries as well.”

The first episodes of the new AllTime10s channels went live on YouTube this Tuesday. 

Check out:
AllTime10s Poland: Topowa Dycha
AllTime10s The Netherlands: Tien
AllTime10s Russia: Топ Десять

About Mediakraft Network

Mediakraft Networks is the largest online television network in Central Europe. Its various networks support and foster the best video creators from the fields of Entertainment, Beauty, Sports, News and Urban Culture in creating high-quality, relevant content for a young audience. Our team combines expertise and experience from years of working in television, online video, social media and advertising. With headquarters in Munich and offices in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Istanbul Mediakraft Networks reaches more than 16 million unique viewers.

February 2014 -

DV is proud to be working with Sunset+Vine:

Sunset+Vine are working on behalf of the IOC producing content and channel management service for the official Olympic YouTube Channel.

February 2014 -

Diagonal View would like to congratulate XCAR for reaching 100,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. The immensely talented and dedicated team over at CBS Interactive have worked tirelessly to reach this key milestone. The brand's video output continues to go from strength to strength and XCAR is fast becoming the home for all those with a love of cars

January 2014 -

Diagonal View is proud to announce its partnership with Elite Model Look, the most prestigious modelling contest in the world.

Managing both its international and UK channel, Diagonal View will be working with the Elite Models group that launched the careers of some of the most iconic names in the business, including Cindy Crawford, Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele Bündchen.

Elite Model Look scouts contestants from across 60 countries, in which over 350,000 candidates participate every year. Finalists have gone on to walk for the likes of Burberry, Mulberry and Dolce & Gabbana.


January 2014 -
Diagonal Views flagship channel Alltime10s has reached an incredible 2 million subscribers on Youtube.

The landmark figure makes Alltime10s the 22nd most subscribed YouTube channel in the United Kingdom.

Alltime10s was also the 31st most viewed YouTube channel worldwide last week, with over 15 million views.

October 2013 -
Zig Zag Productions
today further strengthens its presence in the magic programming genre with the announcement of a deal to launch its first YouTube channel. Dedicated to up and coming magicians from around the world, the concept for ‘All Time Magic’ is inspired by Diagonal View Productions All Time 10s YouTube channel which currently has nearly 1.5 million subscribers.

‘All Time Magic’ will see Zig Zag producing around 10 minutes of new content every week for the channel whilst Diagonal View will bring channel management, audience development and revenue generation expertise to the venture. This marks Zig Zag’s latest move in the magic genre following the recent announcement of the ‘Troy’ (w/t) co production with Group M Entertainment for Channel 4 in the UK, distributed globally by Endemol Worldwide Distribution and the commission of ‘Close Up Kings’ by Discovery.

September 2013 -

Diagonal View is proud to announce the launch of AllTime Conspiracies, a new channel offering facts & theories about the biggest scandals and cover-ups in history. AllTime Conspiracies seeks to build on the huge popularity of Diagonal View's 'AllTime' brand (whose flagship channel AllTime 10s now has over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube) by presenting compelling and controversial stories in an educational and entertaining short-form documentary format.

Managed by Diagonal View's dedicated social media team, All Time Conspiracies aims to not only satisfy the growing demand for educational video online, but also generate discussion amongst seasoned conspiracists and newcomers alike in a bid to create a highly-engaged online community. With over 100,000 subscribers since its launch in July 2013, 'AllTime Conspiracies' is quickly becoming the premiere destination of well-researched, well-reasoned and well-produced conspiracy content on the web.

March 2013 - Music label Axtone and online video network Diagonal View are pleased to announce their new YouTube partnership.

Aimed at creating a network of music channels tailored specifically for YouTube, this partnership will cover both the production of music videos and the associated growth of a leading music label on the world’s most popular video-sharing platform.

Axtone Records
Axtone Records is the label of Swedish DJ/Producer Axwell. Starting out in 2005, Axtone has expanded into a global label that actively signs and releases high-quality house music from all over the world.

Diagonal View Ltd
Diagonal View is an online video production company based in London. Founded in 2008, Diagonal View makes short-form video channels that run on platforms such as YouTube, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and Facebook.

Additionally, Diagonal View manages a range of 3rd party content channels on YouTube, providing social marketing expertise to a range of high-profile media clients.

February 2013 - Diagonal View announces its 11th fully funded channel on the YouTube

Audience management and community creation for premium content channels is
essential to ensure engagement and active subscribers on YouTube. As brands and
YouTube directly invest to fund premium channels, Diagonal View has established a leadership position among a wide set of partners.

From Sports and Autos to Football and Music, Diagonal View is pleased to announce it now manages 11 funded channels and has seen significant audience engagement and subscription uptake in the past several months.

For further information, please email:

November 2012 - Diagonal View is delighted to announce the launch of ‘The Best Of’, a new YouTube channel dedicated to the best in legendary music from classic artists.

As Diagonal View’s first fully-managed and fully-produced original funding channel, ‘The Best Of’ will marry timeless music tracks with historic video footage, providing YouTube’s vast community of fans and music lovers with a unique resource that will continue to grow over time.

Diagonal View’s priority will be servicing this community by continuing to provide premium video content that encourages discussion and debate around the culture, trends and history of the era.

In addition to great music tracks, ‘The Best Of’ will provide contemporary context through shared playlists and commentary from current artists, performers, celebrities and emerging YouTube stars.

October 2012 - Diagonal View is pleased to announce its involvement in the launch of four new original programming channels on YouTube.

Launching as part of YouTube’s European original channel initiative, Diagonal View will be acting either directly as producer or as manager of these channels.

The first of these channels – Diagonal View's 'The Best Of’ / – will go live on the 1st of November.

August 2012 - Currently launching several major new projects - please check back for a full announcement in October.

August 2012 - Diagonal View is proud to launch its new and improved website. Enjoy.

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