About Us - Why we're great at what we do


We started in March 2008 with 1.6 million hours of content and an ambition to link audience demand with our huge supply of video. From our first video of the world's largest kebab to Angelina Jolie on the red carpet in 2011, our strategy has remained the same.


Using our unique process, we create videos faster & better than anyone else on the web!

Our Production Process

In real time, we use our extensive editorial experience and audience knowledge, along with popular Internet search terms, to choose the right subject matter for our content. Our talented team creates high quality, entertaining videos for a variety of audiences and the content we make is both relevant and specific, giving it long-lasting commercial value. Our access to vast content catalogs, along with our efficient working methods, mean we can produce videos in a cost-effective manner, while ensuring quality output.

Our Library

We have a valuable content library that includes exclusive access to ITN's video archive, containing more than 1.6 million hours of professionally produced broadcast content. Thirty hours of new content are added to this library every single day. We also have access to other important archives, including Getty Images, WENN Images, Big Stock Images, and more.

Our Audience

We have a vast audience that just keeps growing. This increases our advertising opportunities and provides us with valuable feedback that we use to improve our platform and end-user experience, delivering value to our partners through our revenue-sharing program. We generate revenue through advertising and sponsorship, distributing our content through video-friendly media outlets and sharing the revenue with them. We already work with YouTube, Bing, Facebook, Skype and Yahoo!, among others, and we are expanding all the time.

Our Management Team

Diagonal View was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Matt Heiman and TV producer Steve Carey, together with ITN.

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